What is 7alan
7alan is an easy to use online platform that provides efficient delivery services for orders of food and other items, using a control panel that displays full menus of a wide variety of local stores. Customers can browse the menus and choose their favorite items to be delivered to their chosen locations. The platform also enables delivery captains to purchase the items on behalf of the customers, and deliver them to their homes or pre-selected locations. This provides customers with an all-in-one solution for all their buying needs, with items delivered quickly, accurately, and right at their doorsteps.


Our vision is to become the delivery partner of choice for all our customers and business partners. We will do that by providing exceptional and highly reliable services, exceeding expectations and setting new standards of delivery services in the market. Our comprehensive delivery solutions, the advanced technologies we use, in addition to our highly trained and friendly customer care team will help us become one of the leading companies in delivery services. Customer satisfaction, constant communication and collaboration with our partners, and prioritizing the wellness of our employees… are just a few of the many things that will ensure our company’s success and high ranks amongst the best.


Creativity and innovation first! Our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art comprehensive online platform that’s driven by innovation and fueled by placing customers’ needs and comfort first. We want our customers to enjoy experiencing our platform with ease of use, along with a great variety of services that always suits what they’re looking for, all with top quality, excellence and creativity. We will also support these efforts with constant marketing campaigns to help position our company as a market leader in delivery services. And of course, your satisfaction with our services will always be the key to our success. We will always take your feedback seriously, and adjust our offering and services to make sure you’re always happy with what you’re getting.


Efficiency. Professionalism. Commitment. Openness. Customer satisfaction.

Our Partners First

We aspire to become your partner of choice; your partner in success, in growth and development of your business, through continuous collaboration and understanding of your needs. We aim to always provide efficient delivery services of your products, no matter what they are, as accurately and quickly as possible, all through constant coordination with your customers. Our ambition is to deliver absolutely everything, anytime, anywhere inside the city.