Deliver Anything Anywhere Anytime inside city



24/7 support

As a 7alan customer, your satisfaction is our priority. Whenever you have any inquiries, any day, any hour, just contact our friendly customer care team, and they’ll be happy to help you out. We’re always here for you!

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In-App Listing

Want more traction for your business? Promote your products on our platform to be accessed by all our App customers. It’s win-win!

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Live Tracking

With 7alan advanced tracking system, you can track your order from the second you place it, until it reaches your place. So you never have to worry!

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  • Ease of Use

    Find restaurants and shops near you with just a few clicks. Order, track, and get your items delivered quickly. It’s that simple!

  • "send it " service

    Our delivery captains will get anything you need delivered to your doorstep, very quickly. And if you want, they can also purchase the items on your behalf and have them delivered to you. All anywhere inside the city. We got your back!

  • Offers & discounts

    And it doesn’t stop at that. We will actively provide you with special offers and discounts for your favorite shops and restaurants. So you’ll get what you like, with a price to your liking. Happy to make you happier!